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ragweed. if there is one negative to the forecast, that is it. we will take care of that a little bit this weekend. warmest spot is reagan national at 64. 63 earlier. gaithersburg, down to 55 this morning. manassas, manassas park 57. went chester way out in northern virginia, 54 degrees hugging the west virginia border and a mixture of 80s and easton and cambridge at 61 and 64. a lot of clear skies this morning. we will experience more sunshine later on today. a few clouds here and there. the 9:00, noon and 5:00 forecast shows a cool morning and temperatures in the 70s by 10:00 or 11:00. 75 noon. and 77 this afternoon. don't have to worry about the pollution being a problem, but yes it will be another one of those sniffly days if you are a ragweed sufferer. >> at least it is friday, right. that's something to look forward to. hope everybody is off to a great morning.
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on the roadways not all clear out almost one tieup to tell you about in silver spring area. eastbound university is closed at dennis avenue. we have downed wires in the area, as well. avoid the area. you can do that by using edgewood lane as an alternate. on the outer loop, everything is moving clearly here. the live shot at university a great example of that. we are tracking the 495 drive in virginia where you are losing lanes on the interloop due to construction. that should be clearing in the next half hour or so and you want to watch for roadwork between route 7 making your way to the dulles toll road. switch over to 395, nice and quiet. lanes are wide open past duke street. before that, 95, drivers are moving at speed from fredericksburg past the prince william parkway to the springfield spore change. back to you. everything shook except the floor. now we know what sparked that deadly explosion just near san francisco overnight. pacific gas and electric says one of gas lines erupted. at least one person was killed
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and 50 homes were destroyed. the entire neighborhood has been evacuated, and hours after the blast several people are missing and feared dead. >> supposed to be in the er at 11:00 and i can't show because i can't find my daughter. >> there's a like a big boom that shook my house and basically it was almost like the wind going through wind tunnels. >> reporter: crews dumped fire retardants on the flame, a maneuver usually used for battling forest fires. a suspected kraft foods worker is in custody after a deadly shooting at a plant in philadelphia. two are dead and one 0 is hospitalized in critical condition. the woman returned minutes after she was suspended last night and opened fire. the suspect's identity and the reason for her suspension have not been released. a florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the muslim holy book on the anniversary of 9/11
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is on hold for now. reverend terry jones called off the event on thursday, but the pastor is now changing his tune again. >> reporter: it's still unclear if reverend terry jones will burn copies of the koran on september 11th. >> we are a little bit back to square one. >> reporter: a short while after cancelling the planned protest on thursday, the florida preacher told reporters he is reconsidering his decision jones insists a florida muslim leader promised him the planned islamic culture center would be moved away from ground zero but the iman behind the world trade center says a deal was never made. >> if this is true he clearly lied to us. >> reporter: mohammad who negotiated with jones says the only agreement was for both men to travel to manhattan on saturday, the goal meeting with the center's organizers. >> it is a prokerred deal --
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brokered deal. this had to happen before a meeting over there would happen. >> reporter: everyone from religious leaders to political leaders has urged jones to cancel the event. president obama warned it could endanger the troops and called it a recruiting tool for islamic terrorists. thursday, cbs news obtained taliban leaflets that urged muslims and afghanistans to take revenge. fearing possible retaliation, the state department issued a travel warning if americans abroad. officials urged u.s. embassies to be on high alert. >> we really pray that this situation turns out good. >> reporter: but time is quickly running out to find a solution to satisfy everyone. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> west bureau baptist church decide it would like a piece of the action. they say their parishioners would be willing to set fire to the holy book if jones backs off. they are known for protesting
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at the funerals of fallen american soldiers saying war is god's punnerment for america's acceptance of homosexuality. we asked police officer to keep us safe and in return they expect us to make sure they are okay and their families are okay if they get hurt. it didn't work that way for a metro transit police officer ludwig. he died clutching the letter that he thought promised him a decent pension. a quick in the contract cut his pension by 70%. his grandson has set up a blog and facebook account. >> someone is helping you with something or doing something for you for 20 years, i don't think you should just like take away your payment to them. it just doesn't really seem fair. >> reporter: metro is not commenting because there is a lawsuit pending. a special needs student is suing dc public schools after a
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former teacher got her pregnant. she is now 20 years old and is back at chad transition academy finishing up her senior year. she alleges she had a five month long sexual relationship with 58-year-old robert ricemiller. a paternity test proves he is the father of her daughter. according to court documents, five teachers knew about the relationship but never reported it. >> if this took place elsewhere in the city -- if this took place in upright school in dc, it would have been dealt with moodily an here you have a young woman who's most in need. it's why she's in the school in the first place and she's taken advantage of and nobody helps her. >> reporter: the school put ricemiller on leave once she became pregnant but he was laid off during the budget cuts last october. the school system did not find him liable because she was 18 and they claim the sex was
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consensual. taking a look at news in your neighborhood, prince georges county public schools are going virtual. students will soon be able to take classes on-line. beginning next tuesday, the 14th, some juniors an seniors will be able to sign up to learn subject matter both in the classroom and on the internet. you can read more about this story and other neighborhood news by going to and go to the where you live segment on the front page. congressman eleanor holmes norton says she will introduce a bill in congress to rename the main post office at second and massachusetts avenue northeast after dr. dorothy height. the late dr. height was the emeritus of the council of nero women. the announcement comes during the week of the annual black family reunion. dr. height organized it to celebrate black family values
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on the mall and throughout the united states. our time is 4:38. our first "living $mart" report of the morning is up next. and apple is making a new promise over new apps, but is it one the company can keep? thank you for watching 9 news now we'll be right
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traveling westbound on 50 from the eastern shore toward bowie and the beltway. no problems to report at this time. some tieups in maryland to tell you about. i will have that coming up shortly. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. the september rally has legs. some encouraging news on the job market helped to lift stocks yet again yesterday and most asian markets gained grown. the dow stands at 10415 after
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adding 28 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq up by seven and the s&p was higher by about five points. nearly a million americans who claim the first time home buyers tax credit on their taxes are going to to repay the government. when this credit was first introduced in 2008 it was a no- interest loan up to $7,500 that had to be repaid within 15 years but the rules were changed last year, so those that bought a home in 2009 were issued a refund instead of taking a loan. well, the irs is trying to identify which homeowners need to pay up. and apple is promising no more secrets when it comes to apps the company has given software developers this guidelines it uses to determine which can be sold in its store. now as a result of this we could see even more apps making it to market in wow.
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all right. thank you. up next when the news continues, find out how two key hormones could make all the ditches in your success with battling the bulge. a great afternoon coming our way. there's some rain moving in for the weekend. i will let you know when that is in store for us. the complete weather when we comeback. continental back. do you think you'd notice if...
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because when it comes to chronic kidney disease, you might not know the half of it. good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. big concerns this morning that colorado's wildfire could move from the rocky mountain foothills to the city of boulder. people living in boulder are ready to flee if the flames head their way. >> show it to the deputy up there, okay? >> reporter: evacwees lined up for miles at the first chance to return to their homes in four days. thousands only had minutes to evacuate on monday as wind driven flames swept through the boulder foothills. >> it's a relief.
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sort of loitering around for a couple of days. >> reporter: the flames spared these homes but he isn't taking chances, she he is returning to his house with a moving van and plans to pack everything up. >> there is 18-miles that board they are thing and in four to six hours the conditions will be the same as when it started. >> reporter: the fire burned more than 6300-acres an destroyed 170 homes. it's the most destruct fire in -- destructive fire in colorado history. >> it takes one spark outside of the line with the conditions tonight and it's a new race. >> reporter: more more than 700 firefighters on the front lines of the wildfire and they are getting major help from air tankers that are doing more than a dozen drops a day. the planes will be making additional trips ahead of the wind storm to stop the fire from spreading. it could be two days before residents are allowed back in.
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for evacwees, getting a chance to survey the damage can't come soon enough. cbs news, boulder, colorado. i'm in the weather center with devon lucie. good morning. and beautiful morning. >> another great start to the day. i hope you have given the air conditioner a rest out there. even if you don't have a breeze, when it cools down, this is where you get temperatures in the a 0s, upper 40s for some and it doesn't matter. you are going to cool down eventually. another one of those nights tonight as we head to the weekend, but it will warm up a little bit. mild here today. nice as we head to the weekend. but there is a chance of rain moving back in. i'm going to bring this overnight saturday in to early sunday morning as we will see in the forecast. the bus stop forecast. first start that off. temperatures will be a little cool out there. for some of us upper 50s from the 6:30 to 7:30 hour.
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a few of us closer to downtown will be 66 degrees. a light jacket, maybe some sleeves this morning. going to shorts and t-shirt weather by this afternoon as temperatures warm up to the 70s. we will be cool. the coolest spots in the lower to mid-50s rising quickly through the 60s and low 70s. this afternoon mid to upper 70s. i don't think we hit 80 degrees. 81 was the official high. not as warm. one or two degrees cooler. northwest winds have brought in cooler, drier fall-like air. overnight tonight we drop to the 50s. i don't think we make it to the 40s. a few clouds are possible here and there even to the first halve of the weekend, starting off picture perfect. mid to upper 70s nearing 80 degrees as we go to saturday. current satellite and radar together. clear start to the day. you can see the clouds moving here northwest to southeast. let's go in to the 9:00 future
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cast because weekend plans, i'm sure a few of you have got it. we will start with current temperatures of 64 washington. mainly 50s. 54 gaithersburg. 56 rockville. here's the 9 future cast. a lot of sunshine hoar today. nothing to worry. friday the first half of the weekend plenty of sunshine. a little northwest breeze switching to the southeast. as we go to saturday afternoon and saturday evening the cloud will build in west to east. there's a big system moving in. it will be in the form of a front as we go to early sun morning. watch as we go to late saturday. could see showers starting to develop. i think we will have it and see light showers through the sunday morning time period. how's this going to work in to your weekend plans here? we clear it by mid-morning to midday. so by the noon hour we start to squeak out sunshine, and by sunday afternoon, we are looking down right perfect. we will spread all the rain off to the east. and we are not going to see anything here.
4:49 am
we will bring the sunshine out, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 here in washington. if you have plans it is the morning hours early that will be rainy. by the afternoon everything is free and clear. take you back to the high temperatures today. middle to upper 70s. 77 washington. i don't think we hit the 80s back to the 50s for everyone. and then as we go to saturday a little bit of sunshine. clouds coming in late. it will make a nice day. 80 degrees for a high. zone forecast for today in the 70s way out west. blue ridge mid-70s. upper 70s in washington. mid-70s as we go to the eastern shore. seven-day forecast and it's a beautiful start to the weekend. upper 70s on friday and saturday and as we head to the weekend, again, big start to the nfl season. it will be picture perfect out there for sunday evening's forecast for the redskins. temperatures down in to the lower 70s. will be dropping to the 60s by the second half. >> all right. thank you, devon. a traffic alert for you.
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we bring to you 9 news now video of the situation out in silver spring. you are watching cars being detoured around this accident that has eastbound university closed at dennis avenue. the situation, a driver running in to a pole and the pole is on the ground as well as downed wires making for a dangerous situation. as a result of this, these crews work hard to get this under control you are going to want to use randolph road early this morning as the alternate. move over to 270 southbound. everything is all good out here. going northbound a little construction is lingering around the falls road exit. 66 eastbound from centreville to inside the beltway, all is a go. all is moving. speaking of 495, take it to the maps and show you on the inner loop between 7 and the toll road is where we have construction that should be clearing by the 5:00 hour. in to dc we go, no problems to report. making your way though third street tunnel. back to you.
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>> thank you. topping the health alert, it appears most of us are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. a government report found only a third of u.s. adults had two or more servings of fruit daily and 25% of us ate the recommended serving of vegetables every day. some people lose weight only to gain it back and researchers think two appetite hormones play a role. they tested 100 dieters and found those with higher levels of leptin and lower levels of guerlin. some first responders have developed blood cancers and wonder if something at ground zero may be to blame.
4:52 am
>> reporter: in july, 53-year- old retired new york city firefighter was feeling gad. his cancer was in remission and he was busy with his life. now the malignancy is back and he has lost 25-pounds is in the fight of his life. >> little rough. >> reporter: his story is that of many nine eleven first responders who thought they escaped the illnesses so many developed soon after the terror attack. that is until last summer when that bullet hit. >> my kidney shut down. and, you know when your kidneys shut down, you know it. >> reporter: it wasn't just kidney failure but a rare aggressive blood cancer known as multiple milo ma. randy and his wife are convinced it came from tockens at ground zero. >> i thought it was over with. we went through 9/11 and six months of crying and funerals and i thought it was over. i didn't expect to have to go through it all again. >> reporter: hundreds of first
4:53 am
responders have died post 9/11 from various cancers, yet there's no proof exposure to ground zero toxins are to blame. this doctor has been tracking the responders from the start. >> we found a predominance of multiple myleloma than we expected in that age group. >> reporter: last month, randy chose to have an experimental stem cell transplant using his brother's healthy stem cells to replace his immune system. his wife took videos of the process. >> how are you feeling? >> not too good. >> pretty rough. they have to beat you down to built you up. >> there is no cure but his doctor is optimistic the new procedure will lead to a longer remission. >> you do what you have to do. >> reporter: anita brickman, 9 news now? most of the research indicates it takes 10 to 20 years for someone to develop cancer after
4:54 am
an environmental exposure to a carcinogen. coming up, they are almost indestructible and now experts say we could be in for a biblical invasion. one was in my car the other day. we will look at these tiny terrors when we come i've got power pain can't mess with.
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. a bank robbery foiled by a customer. you can see the robber pointing a gun at the teller, but before the person gets away a customer grabs the thief around the neck from behind. the would be robber drops the gun and the customer struggles
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with the person before the robber got away without any money. in taiwan, 163 couples gathered to tie the knot on a special day at a special time. they all said "i do "at 9:09 a.m. on the ninth day of the ninth month of the 99th year since taiwan was towned. nine is a special number to the couple. it is spelled similar to the word longevity in chinese. homes are being overrun with these bugs. they are almost indestructible and there are no pesticides of them market to take them out but we found out how keep them out. >> reporter: university of maryland entomologist has been playing with bugs three decades and the stink bug is one of the most impress he's ever seen. >> they feed on everything. they are in soybean fields, corn fields, people's
4:58 am
vegetables gardens, degrees and shrubs in the landscape. they can eat virtually everything. here in america it is a great land. they left their enmaymys behind so they can reproduce unchecked. >> reporter: that unchecked reproduction makes them a growing menace. >> there's a storm out right now, howard. these guys are peeking in my windows and thinking 0 of winter coming. i think when we get the first frost they are coming from the outside to the inside and it will be biblical. we will see more than ever before. >> would you define biblical, please. >> like the seventh plague, howard. i think there will be bugs everywhere. i think it will be like people haven't seen. i don't mean to scare people but people need to get ready now and prepare the house to keep these guys out. >> to keep the stink bugs from going outside to inside seal every crack. caulk will be great and weather seal around the windows and
4:59 am
doors will work. screens, take this. you have a gable even or something, stick this on the inside and it will keep the bugsous of your house and don't forget door sweeps they make great blockers. >> he has a fondless for these creatures. >> they have a cool defensive secretion. they are gregarious. they aggregate, they feed on virtually everything. they get in people's houses. this is the perfect bug. >> the perfect bug. >> reporter: in college park, howard bernstein 9 news now. >> good morning. thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie will have traffic in a moment. i hate those things. one was on my windshield the other day. i thought i was going to go in to a tree. >> that hits the windshield when you are going 50 to 60

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